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Cliches / Printing Plates

Printing Plates
• Thick Steel; For long run images
• Thin Steel; For medium run images
• Photopolymer (Etched or Unetched); For short run images

Thick steel, thin steel, and photopolymer (alcohol and water wash) materials are available in many sizes and hole patterns to fit both Imtran and competitor equipment.

We offer full in-house art creation services, if required.

Printing Pads

Printing Pads
• Over 800 existing shapes
• 8 Standard Durometers or Hardnesses
• Chemical resistive, quick break-in, long wearing
• Custom shapes available

Pad Printing Inks and Solvent Systems

Pad Printing Ink Systems
• IM Series Inks and Additives
• Authorized Ruco Ink and Additive Distributor
• In-House Custom Color Matching Lab
• Exclusive I-Mix Color Matching System

Doctoring Rings, Blades and Accessories

Eco-Cup and Open Well Rings and Blades
• Original Imtran Ceramic Eco-Cup Rings
• Steel and Stainless Steel Doctoring Blades
• Magnetic Plate Backing Materials
• Pad Mounts, Standard and Custom

Part Holding Tooling / Nesting Fixtures

Tooling Fixtures - Standard or Custom
• Custom, made to match customer part for exceptional support
• CNC Capability to cut fixtures direct from part drawings
• Advanced features like part in place and location sensors
• Low cost tooling kit for in-house manufacture of nests


GS-100CC Pad Transfer Printer

ITW Imtran's latest pad printing system, the GS-100CC offers industry leading flexibility, value, and the ability to grow with your business. Engineered and built in the USA, this machine features robust design and Imtran quality. (8/1/05)

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VS-35 Pad Transfer Printer

Introduced last year, the VS-35 has quickly become one of our more popular pad printing systems, offering great value for your investment, along with uncompromised quality. Now available with value added options including a tape-off device and a two color shuttle indexer. (5/3/05)

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